From Dolphin Communication Project: Milo was named in 2011 by Steve and Loretta McNicholas for their son, Milo after their encounters with the dolphins in Bimini, August 2011​

Milo (#96) was first seen in 2011 as an older juvenile. Because of this, we do not know who Milo’s mother is. Atlantic spotted dolphins are born without spots, meaning we are often unable to match juvenile IDs with their mothers. Although Milo only first came by our cameras in 2011, he made sure to do it quite often! He is recognized by his spot pattern as well as by the large, linear scar behind his left eye. A vocal dolphin, Milo seemed equally curious about humans and interactive with his fellow dolphins. At times, Milo was seen in the company of Inka (#93), a younger female; other days he was with other males such as
Speedy (#78) or even older females like Lone Star (#56). We look forward to watching this social male throughout future research seasons!