We all love dolphins. They are like the big doggos of the ocean and rivers. Dolphins have been found to have large complex brains with rather well advanced emotional quotient. Perhaps this is why they like to interact and play with humans, whether it’s underwater fetch or just swimming around with us. In Brazil, dolphins have even been documented driving schools of fish into fishermen’s nets. How cool is that! Simply, they are our water best friends. Sadly, climate change, human activities, and whaling are increasingly threatening the survival of dolphins.

At Dolphin Apparel, we are committed to saving as many dolphins as we can. Through our wide range of apparel, we give you the opportunity to be part of our mission to save dolphins in style. Since our establishment, we have channeled part of our annual proceeds from apparel sales to the rescue efforts of endangered dolphins. With your help, we have managed to adopt three cute dolphins: Addie, Milo, and Splashy. We thank you for your continued support and it’s our goal to do more to help these magnificent creatures. 

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